The Wild Rickshaw Challenge in 2013 was our first challenge event and helped to raise awareness of the extraordinary Sundarbans forest and the work we are doing to protect its tigers.

Our logo and strap line are representations of our values, how we have a positive outlook and how we put people at the heart of conservation. 

The WildTeam logo reflects out celebratory aproach, our love for nature and the relationship between people and nature. 

Dr. Md. Anwar Islam, CEO of WildTeam, is a lifelong Bangladeshi conservationist, and wants his grandchildren to grow up in a country which still has tigers.

Our dynamic team is the driving force of our work.

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The goal of our TigerTeam work is to see a Sundarbans packed full of Bengal tigers.

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Our research team works tirelessly to know as much as possible about the tigers, their prey and the people of the Sundarbans.

Our "Motherlike Sundarbans" campaign is trying to rekindle people's connection to the forest.

Our mission is to change the game for nature by reconnecting people with wildlife.

TigerTeam works with local communities and government to achieve positive social change, helping save tigers in the Sundarbans and bringing benefits to the villagers who live next to the forest.