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WildImpact overview

WildTeam has worked for over a decade in field conservation and policy in South Asia, and has brought together expertise from the business and conservation sectors to strengthen and innovate approaches to improving effectiveness. Using conservation action planning and project management tools in our work has really helped to increase the effectiveness of our conservation actions.

We believe that happy, well managed conservation organisations and projects with sufficient skills, staff, and funds have the best chance of achieving measurable conservation impact. WildTeam has set up a new initiative to provide non-profit consultancy and training services to help conservation teams strengthen their effectiveness, to free up more time for core conservation activities.

WildImpact Initiative

Through the WildImpact initiative we gather and develop game changing best practice, and bring this to conservationists around the world in a fun and engaging way to increase their chances of achieving measurable impact. Our initial focus for best practice is project management, to help teams design, implement, and evaluate great conservation projects.

The WildImpact initiative objective is:

By 2024, conservation projects are applying conservation best practice in project management to 50,000 km2 of landscapes as a result of WildTeam support services.


The WildImpact initiative includes the following activities:  


Innovation and best practice development


We seek out and develop best practice, testing new approaches in the field with our sister organisation in Bangladesh.
We harvest and transform private sector best practice for application in conservation.


We help conservation NGOs, charities, donors, and government organisations to incorporate best practices into their efforts to increase their conservation impact.


We create and deliver engaging conservation best practice training modules, accessible to students, professionals, and independent learners, to strengthen their career and contribution to conservation.
We help universities and learning institutions to embed conservation best practice into their courses.
We train other conservationists to become "coaches", that can go on to support  other conservation teams apply best practice.

Project management for wildlife conservation (PMWC) methodology

To deliver the above activities, we use the PMWC methodology. A methodology covering the knowledge, skills, and approaches required to successfully manage  wildlife conservation projects. The methodology has been developed by WildTeam, and based on a range of established approaches, including PRINCE2 and The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.


To support the above activities, WildTeam has built up a base of experience, skill, and networks which include:

  • Being members of the ConservationMeasures Partnership, who are responsible for maintaining and improving the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (a conservation project management methodology).

  • Being network coordinators and trainers for the Conservation Coaches Network in South Asia. CCNet has been set up to spread the use of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation across the globe.

  • WildTeam staff trained to practitioner level in PRINCE2 project management.

  • WildTeam staff with experience managing and strengthening conservation projects in Bangladesh,  India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and Zimbabwe.

  • Experience building up a conservation team of 80 staff in Bangladesh over 6 years.

  • Securing 14 million dollars of conservation funds for Bangladesh.

For more information on WildImpact or on CCnet South Asia please email