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In honour of the World Environment Day 2014, Noazesh Knowledge Centre (NKC) & WildTeam organized a  campus-cleaning initiative at Curzon Hall premises of University of Dhaka. Through active participation of about 35 volunteers from several institutions of Bangladesh, the program was arranged with much enthusiasm and great success.

World Environment Day is the concern of the United Nations' Environment Program (UNEP) which is globally celebrated every year on June 5 to remind the world about the sacred value of  protecting the environment. This year UNEP declared the theme of the occasion as 'Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level' to create awareness targeting the hazardous effects and consequences of global warming, with an emphasis on preventing sea level rise by leading a environmentally friendly lifestyle. UNEP hosted several worldwide ‘challenges’, including reducing plastic usage, using less electric, eating responsibly, and being resource efficient globally.

As Bangladesh is in a vast deltaic topography and at stake at of these issues, with a view to harmonizing the theme and the occasion in the country, WildTeam, on behalf of its library and study centre,  put forward an event of cleaning the Curzon Hall area in the morning of June 5. The program was entitled as WildAction with a slogan 'Clean and Go Green', in accordance with the theme that a greener and shinier campus would eventually lead to conscious thought and dedication for the love of nature and environment among the youths.

NKC authority invited its members in the event through its Facebook group and page. About 35 enthusiastic and nature-lover members of NKC gave firm response for the occasion and were present at the camus  event sharp At 10 a.m. At the commencement, they were greeted cordially by NKC personnel Mayeen Uddin and Ananya Rubayat. Afterwards an inspirational speech was given by the respected chief guest Ms. Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury, assistant professor of Zoology of the University of Dhaka. Additionally, Mr. Mokaram Hossain, an expert of native plants and Mr. Aminul Islam, lecturer of Zoology of Jagannath University were welcomed as special guests. Special guests, along with the chief guest, shared some special moments with the whole team by saying words of encouragement and instilling the belief in them that together everyone had a role to play in protecting nature.

The team, being recharged by the spirit of the day started their move. Themed T-shirts were delivered to each volunteer along with, protective gloves and large boxes as dumpsters. The members continued their clean-up moves for an hour. Curzon Hall premises had been divided into four zones and the members, in four groups, commenced their cleaning in those areas. By the turn of the hour, about 10 kg of dumps and garbage materials like wasted papers, juice cans, food boxes, cigarette filters,plastic  wrappers etc were removed from the campus. Later the garbage lot was disposed into discerned containers. Afterwards guests and members joined together for a round of discussion and shared their experience. Everyone thanked Noazesh Knowledge Centre happily for coordinating this move. The time became more amazing and interestingly informative while special guest Mr. Mokaram Hossain shared his knowledge of the many rare plants in the Curzon Hall vicinity.

Apart from arranging several successful field trips, nature photography and write-up competitions time to time for nature and dedicated youngsters, through WildAction, NKC, the study centre of WildTeam celebrated the World Environment Day for the first time. Furthermore, in the end, NKC, as well as the valued members, expressed intense fervency and promised their assitance in any call of WildAction to uphold similar national and international days, events and occasions for awareness build-up and active engagement for environmental action.

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