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Proud to be a conservationist
Posted by Erlinda C. Kartika, Conservation careers
Tue July 2nd at 06:00pm 0 comments

I grew up in a house which was close to a forest. During my childhood, almost everyday, I played around in the forest with some friends. In some occasions, I went to the forest for cycling with my father. All of these made me have a special connection with forests and wildlife.

In the beginning of my career in the field of conservation, I met directly with tiger when a tiger came to the settlement and attacked livestock. Together with some colleagues, we rescued the tiger and translocated it to one of national park in Indonesia. This experience made me compelled to love wildlife more than I did before. Pursuing work related to wildlife and forests is always risky and challenging, but I really enjoyed every second of my job.

Feel the fresh air of forests, seeing the stars in the darkness of forests and interacting with communities around the forest are my favorite. I quote my friend’s statement, and I do agree with this statement, that forests are my university and local people are my teachers. I am sure that I will never hesitate to get involved in conservation work and will always be proud to be a conservationist.

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