My childhood love turned into a passion
Posted by Rezvin Akter, Conservation careers
Tue June 25th at 06:00pm 3 comments

In today’s hectic times alarm clock has become an important part of life. But when I was a child there was no need of it because I used to get up in the morning with bird calls. Our plum tree was the home of a flock of house sparrow birds. These small birds were a source of extraordinary pleasure for me so it didn’t take much time to make friendship with them which ultimately made my bond with nature.

In my teenage years wildlife related television programme was one of my favourite programmes. Love for nature was always hidden in my heart but I didn’t think to take conservation as a career before going to university. While studying Zoology in university my love for nature became revived, a door opened and I entered the conservation world. As I came closer to nature my bond with it also became deeper. Now serving nature is my passion, my aim of life.

I am happy that I am working for Mother Nature where my childhood friends also exist.


Every man cherishes a dream about his future plan from his childhood and work hard to make his dream true. Some one can reach his goal, some one can not. I think you are a lucky man because you have made your dream true. Best of luck, go ahead ………………

Posted by sanjoy mondol, Sat November 8th at 10:55pm

i am very happy to see u here. ur feeling about nature and animal bring me back to our university. we should work together to save our world.

Posted by Kazi Arafat, Wed August 21st at 12:08am

Very well said :)

Posted by Samia Saif, Sun July 7th at 01:39pm

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