A matter of love
Posted by Tanvir Hossain, Conservation careers
Wed January 8th at 06:00pm 2 comments

Everyone has different philosophies to guide their lives. Some of them dedicate their lives for great causes and ideals while most people work for their livelihood and spend their lives supporting their families. I am nothing exceptional, I just see things differently.

I completed my Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Dhaka with the aim to become an artist. But it is difficult in Bangladesh to survive solely as an artist or a sculptor.  My plan was to continue my art work beside of my job.  I started my career as an art director of a local advertising agency, I used to develop creative ideas for advertising, write copies, visualize advertising concepts and make strategies.  All advertising works are interesting as it deals with playing with the mind of your target audiences. But if you ask me what limitations I faced there, I must say all the efforts made there is only for buying or selling something.

My advertising career was growing and I was being appreciated but it was killing my personal time and ethics. Once I felt myself like a corporate product in the eyes of capitalism, ‘to continue or not to continue’ became the big question.

Three years back I had an assignment to make an advertisement for one of my client to celebrate environmental day.  I did a small research through Google and found lots of brilliant creative works and instantly fell in love with them. Growing up, there were a lot of things I wanted to be, a novelist, a journalist, later an artist; but until that assignment being a conservationist never really crossed my mind.

Conservation is the platform to see the world differently, think differently and work differently.  It is not a matter of buying or selling something, it’s a matter of love. You are working for those who can never speak up for themselves and never blame human civilization for destroying their home. They never sue us for rights to live on earth! You and me are responsible to care for their future. So, I started searching scope to work for the environment where I could enhance my creativity, love and innovation.

Maybe it was fate, because a few days letter I saw a job advert, and my journey started from there. I feel so lucky to be a part of WildTeam, a vibrant conservation organization. WildTeam has given me an opportunity to blend my work with my passion, and now I can feel that I am doing something for my society and for the future of next generation.


Keep going.

Posted by Shantir Paera, Fri January 24th at 01:36pm

Great job brother. Live this dream that you held on. There are many people out here in Bangladesh who want to become environment workers this way or that and secure our mother nature and our animal friends so desperately but they have no or guidelines to join wildlife forces. So many more people could work in this department if there were direct and well known guidelines. Conservation would be much more effective.
Salute to you.

Posted by Shantir Paera, Fri January 24th at 01:35pm

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