Leading a tiger home
Posted by Nasir Uddin, Direct from the field
Tue December 3rd at 06:00pm 0 comments

On the night of November 26, a tiger strayed into the village Noli, Pathorghata under the Sarankhola administrative unit of Sundarbans. Local people saw the tiger’s tracks in the villages Noli, Hafizpara, Keoratola on the next morning. Only entry tracks to the village was found, but not any exit ones. So people become scared and anxious about what to do if the situation got worse.

From our field monitoring team and local villagers we received the news,  received confirmation from the Sharankhola range ACF and went there on an emergency basis. After arriving we visited the spot and managed the gathered crowd with the help of Forest department and WildTeam staff. Then we conducted village patrolling with local villagers, forest department and VTRT on the night of first day. After another day had passed, a decision was made to lead the tiger away from the village. Three groups were made with the help of forest department, local police station and local villagers. Each group was equipped with crackers, sticks, sound producing drum to scare the tiger back inside the forest, as tigers usually run away from noise.

The three groups proceeded from three sides, keeping one open to give the tiger a way to leave the village without encountering any humans. The next morning we confirmed that the tiger had gone out from the village by observing its tracks in the bank of Bolesshor River by the forest. After that we conducted separate village meeting with stakeholders, local leaders and law enforcing agencies to make them understand what they needed to do if there were future straying situations. 

We stayed in Hafizpara for a total of 4 days to monitor and manage the situation. The tiger stayed One whole day and a night inside a paddy field of Hafizpara, but fortunately the tiger did not kill or injure any people or livestock in the villages during the time.

After 4 days of anxiety, relief and happiness both washed over us, the tiger had gone back to it’s home without any harm coming to anyone.

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