It's not a job it's a passion
Posted by Adam Barlow, Conservation careers
Tue January 22nd at 12:00am 2 comments

I feel that animals like tigers are a big part of the magic and adventure that makes life worth living so for me WildTeam is a passion rather than a job. I have been hooked on tigers ever since I read too many tiger books in my local library, and since my first steps into a tiger forest 12 years ago I have never looked back.

I started out in the jungles of Nepal where I worked for three years; learning the ropes of studying tigers by their sign and putting out cameras to take photos of them as they passed by.  When civil war broke out in Nepal I started helping with a tiger project in Thailand, but then took an opportunity to work more full-time in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. The Sundarbans is the most challenging place I have ever worked in because the forest there is so thick, you can only get around by boat, the mud comes up to your knees, and some of the tigers are keen on eating people. The amazing thing about the Sundarbans, however, is that it is a great forest for tiger to live in, so the extra effort and dangers needed to save them there are really worthwhile.  As well as the tigers, what I really love are the amazing people that make up WildTeam; I have never before been around such a warm, positive, and selfless group of people. With a team like this I feel that tigers and other animals have a real chance of being part of life’s magic for many years to come.


As long as i remember I have been fascinated by tigers. To me they are one of the most magical creatures on this planet. I remember watching a documentary about the Changpai tiger where you were tracking it down. I would love to work with your organisation someday, I wish you and your whole team all the best on the great work you are doing!

Posted by abrar ahmad, Thu April 17th at 01:21am

so true, I am totally agree :).... it's not a job it's pation

Posted by Linda Pluto, Wed May 29th at 12:01pm

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