Falling in love with nature
Posted by Iqbal Hussain, Conservation careers
Wed January 23rd at 12:00am 2 comments

“Love is an expression of power. We can use it to transform our world.”  - by Ericka Huggins

I fell in love with nature in my early childhood while visiting the village where I grew up and listening to the birds and insects. From those days I had established an intimate connection to nature and I feel like I found peace of mind by serving Mother Nature through working in conservation. Perhaps this is why I see my version of paradise as working from a boat drifting through the serene rivers of the Sundarbans.

I believe that no dream is too big and no plan too extreme.  I am a strategic communication practitioner, with special focus on bringing positive social change. I believe people are the key force to bring any positive change. Understanding people and the motives behind their actions is my core interest and I dream of a world where people stand together for Mother Nature. I am just searching for the path to get there. My key expertise is to design strategies that inspire and engage people in action. Using cutting edge theories like community based social marketing and CEPA tools, WildTeam has developed a campaign to bring positive and sustainable behavioural changes in Sundarbans communities.


Really its wonderful work. When I feel that it make me amazing. From my childhoods i love nature and would like to care. I think without care of nature it impossible to survive of human being in the world. i always love and care the nature. So i would like to love nature and work with Tiger Team. It's a excellent work that with Tiger. Would you please help me.????

Posted by A K M Solaiman Badsha Badsha, Sun June 1st at 03:58pm

I love your work very much and I also love nature like you. Recently I completed my masters degree and now I want to work with Wild Time because I love this organization. Would you please help me?

Posted by tanvir ahamed, Tue August 27th at 05:27pm

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