An Everest winner in our midst!
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It was always my dream to contribute to nature and wildlife through my work. Noazesh Knowledge Centre, the very first conservation library in Bangladesh has given me that opportunity. It has been a pleasure to be involved with NKC since 2011.

NKC wants to inspire people to participate in active conservation. Every month we plan discussion sessions or excursions to engage more and more people in this nature lovers’ platform. There are WildTrips to beautiful places where people get in touch with nature and learn about different wildlife, birds and plant species. We have WildShows where we show documentaries exploring the magic and majesty of nature. ‘WildHours’ are interactive sessions where experts and explorers talk to NKC members and share what they have learnt.

It was an absolute honour for us to have Mr M A Mohit, an Everest conquering Bangladeshi mountaineer among us for the November WildHour. Mr Mohit is one of the most well known mountaineers in Bangladesh. He has climbed Everest, the highest mountain peak on earth, not once but twice! He first conquered Everest in 2011, by the north side of Tibet Road. Again, he repeated this magnificent feat with Nishat Mazumdar, the first Everest conquering woman of Bangladesh. Mr Mohit is the current president of Bangla Mountaineering and Trekking Club (BMTC) and an active member of Bangladesh Bird Club (Bbc).

So when Mr Mohit agreed to participate in WildHour we were all very excited. The event was titled ‘People & Nature in Mountains’. He told stories and showed video clips and photos from his many adventures in the Himalayas. More than 60 NKC members joined the event enthusiastically. They had many questions to ask this amazing explorer, and Mr Mohit was more than happy to answer their queries. The audience was mesmerized by the photos of nature, wildlife and people of the mountains he shared. The very interactive and fun filled session almost flew by – and everyone was inspired by Mohit’s spirit and courage.

At the end of the lively discussion, crests and gifts were distributed among NKC’s last Wild Creative Contest and Creative Story Writing competition. It was a memorable moment for the winners and inspired them to continue to express their love for nature in creative ways. It was a pleasure to have been a part of such a wonderful event, and I hope there are many more to come!


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