Counting Tigers from Faeces
Posted by Mayeen Uddin, Direct from the field
Tue May 26th at 05:51am 1 comments

‘WildHours’ are interactive sessions for the NKC (Noazesh Knowledge Centre) members to know from discussions on what experts and researchers have found. It has been a pleasure for me to be involved with NKC since 2011. It has always been my dream to contribute to nature and wildlife through my activities. Noazesh Knowledge Centre has given me that opportunity. It was truly an honour for us to get M. A. Aziz sir, Associate Professor of Zoology in Jahangirnagar University and a PhD candidate at the University of Kent, United Kingdom, among us.

We know that tiger is the symbol of pride for our nation and the Sundarbans contain the world's largest mangrove forests and one of the most biologically productive of all natural ecosystems.  But our wild tigers in the Sundarbans are not in a satisfactory condition to survive. For the first time in Bangladesh M. A. Aziz sir has been conducting DNA-based research activity to learn about the state and population of the tiger in the Sundarbans. He has already finished collecting samples and data for further lab research.

Noazesh Knowledge Centre, the very first conservation resource centre in Bangladesh, organized a discussion event to share his DNA-based tiger project objective and field experiences. More than 30 NKC members joined the event enthusiastically. They had many questions to ask this tiger genetics research, and Aziz sir was more than happy to answer their queries. The audience was mesmerized by photos of the Sundarbans, wildlife and field work of the data collection.  After the lively discussion, we all gathered in a refreshment session on the rooftop garden of Cosmos Centre.

It was a pleasure for all of us to join such a wonderful event, and I hope there are many more to come as WildTeam’s resource centre Noazesh Knowledge Centre (NKC) wants to inspire people to participate in active conservation. Every month we plan discussion sessions or excursions to engage more and more people in this nature lovers’ platform. There are WildTrips to the beautiful places where people come to a close relationship with nature and learn about different wildlife, birds and plant species. We have WildShows where we show documentaries exploring the magic and majesty of the nature.

Let’s join us to celebrate the nature!


I am a Bangai nature lover living in England. Every January I visit Bangladesh 10 weeks on holiday. Nice to hear about you nature lovers.
I like to say that, If I can be of any help I shall be happy to do so.

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim, Fri June 19th at 02:56pm

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