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Celebrate nature in your virtual home
Posted by Daniela Biaggio, Celebrating nature
Wed March 20th at 05:00am 0 comments

At WildTeam we all wish we could spend most hours of our days surrounded by green space, listening to gentle call of birds, or the murmur of a stream. I was born in a city but from a young age always felt better in the outdoors and surrounded by animals, astonished by the extraordinary colours, shapes and behaviours that nature had to offer.

The reality of today's world is that we often spend more hours in front of a computer that looking at a tree, feeling the grass between our toes or listening to the mating calls of frogs. But the good news is that it doesn't have to mean you can't celebrate nature every day.

Here are 5 things you can do right now

1. Indulge in some visuals:

Visit our gallery for loads of wild images to share with your friends. There even is a studies showing that looking at cute animals can help increase your concentration levels!

2. Decorate your desktop:

Download one of our gallery photos and make it a background image to brighten up your days.

3. Go wild for tigers:

Strike a tiger pose and add it to our ranks of supporters on "Go wild for tigers". You can then even make it your profile anywhere to immortalise your feral moment.

4. Stripe up your timeline:

Turn your Facebook cover image into a roar for tiger survival. Download this great one here.

5. Join us:

Whether on Facebook or Twitter to get bites of nature awesomeness and help spread the word!

Hope you enjoy these and let us know what is your favourite ways to celebrate nature!



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