Caring for animals
Posted by Mahbubul Alam, Conservation careers
Tue January 22nd at 12:00am 0 comments

When I was young, my sister gave me a baby parrot on one of my birthdays. It was my first friend in life and I used to play with it almost all day long. It grew quickly with my attentive care and love. One day, my family and I went to a party in a neighbour’s house; my parrot was alone at home and got into an accident that caused a serious injury. When we came back, we found it dying. My mother tried traditional medicine to save its life but she failed and it died. My parrot was gone forever but it left behind the seed of a dream in my mind: to care for animals

After completing my graduation in veterinary medicine, I was looking for a platform to work for wildlife. WildTeam gave me that opportunity. My childhood dream came true. After joining WildTeam I found myself surrounded by people who cared; a new family that guided and trained me to become a skilled conserver of tigers.

Here at WildTeam my role is to support our tiger-human conflict projects. I am also planning a wildlife disease management project that I hope will be the first wildlife health project in Bangladesh.

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